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We ensure student's safety

We will help you to grow your organization with the implementation of our latest technology which will lower down your cost and save energy.

Who We Are

We would like to introduce ourselves as Pulse Seventeen team , we supply Smart Attendance Management System to schools, colleges and institutes etc.

We Pulse Seventeen have been working on this smart child attendance system for last eight years, so that children can be monitored and tracked from anywhere to ensure their security and safety. This attendance management system is a smart card based comprehensive attendance management system. We provide Wi-Fi , GPRS and SIM Based wireless stand alone RFID devices and Face Detection cameras to every entry and exits of school with various ranges, like short range mid range and long range (It depends on the number of students at school).

Our Values

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Benefits Of The Smart Attendance System


Maintain and track arrival and departure times of individual students


Real time notification system


SMS/SNS notification system for parents on arrival and departure of their children


No Technical knowledge required to operate it


User friendly software


Low cost and easily portable


Digital attendance report



How individual will be benefited?

By Using the RFID system, the admin can maintain and track arrival and departure times of individual students. In this way, any late arrivals and early departures as well as absenteeism can be monitored and tracked online. For example, in case a student is reported to have boarded the school bus, but did not report arrival into the school premises, immediate action can be taken to locate his or her whereabouts. Besides tracking in and out times, the system can also maintain every student’s daily, monthly, and yearly attendance data. The advantage of RFID based Smart attendance system is that the admin does not have to be technically sound to run it as because the software is very user friendly. Apart from daily attendance ,the admin can also send verities types of notification to the parents by instant sms service.

Thousands of students go missing from school in India every year. In nearly all these cases, the student did not report to school, or left school in time to not return home and we never knew of this until it was very late…If the parents or the school authorities could have known in time that the untoward delay/ absence of reporting is unnatural, we could have stopped the tragedy. With the help of our smart attendance system, parents can easily track and monitor the in and out time of their child. They will be instantaneously informed about the arrival and departure time of the student the moment the RFID device interacts with the student Smart id Card.

How it works?

RFID tag will be attached to the student ID card and the information related to the student will be attached to the RFID tag. When the student enters the school and swipes the identity card the reader at the gate will detect the tag. The reader will detect the tag and intimate the system and system will recognize the tag according the information stored as per the given record. Then the system will send notification SMS to the parents that their child has entered in the school and the same time the system will store the information for the report purpose. At the time of leaving the school premises, the student will swipes the identity card once again at the gate and notification via SMS will be sent again to the parents and will also store the data.

What is your requirement today?

We are here to fulfill your requirement with great support and service. Please send us your query via whatsapp or email at any time.


We continue to develop our products and give our best to bring out the latest secured technology to keep your children always safe.

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Our hard working team

Ashim Mazumder

Founder & Technical Head                 

Rumpa Roy Mazumder

Co-Founder & Head operations           

Anish Bhanja

Technical Head                                    

Sanjay Pratap Thakur

Cost Accountant cum Tax Consultant

Our Clients

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